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Gap Between Whales and Regular Investors

We are inevitable.

WTF is Mirror Pass?

Mirror Pass is a community curated Alpha Group designed for experienced and new traders. Our mission is to bridge the gap between whales and regular investors by tearing down arbitrary walls for an affordable price.

Navigate your way around Web3, and research projects with other Mirror Pass holders! We built the first community curated Alpha Group, where there are no official Alpha analysts.

Our community is the alpha, and with the dedication and eagerness of our members... we've been the first to discover many profitable plays.

Find out why Mirrorpass is the best

Mirrorpass is a unique NFT opportunity to grab access to NFT botting software - acquiring all your favorite NFTs & more.

  • Introducing Reflektor.

    Reflektor is an automated software designed for user experience and performance. This collection will be a continuation of the Mirrorverse, brought to you by Mirror Pass.

    • Automated Opensea & Rarity Sniping

    • Bulk Minting

    • Wallet Management

    • 24/7 Monitoring

    Reflektor software UI screenshot
  • Participate in our Marketplace.

    The Mirror Pass marketplace features rewards for holding a Mirror Pass or spending $Shards.

    • Whitelists

    • Raffles

    • Giveaways

    • $Shards Events

    Reflektor software UI screenshot
  • Meet Analytics.

    We are building an all-in-one analytics tool for Mirror Pass holders. Our goal is to provide as much features within our dAPP.

    • Contract Sniffing

    • Live Mint Monitor

    • Live Trending Mints

    Reflektor software UI screenshot
  • Begin Staking.

    Stake your Mirror Passes to accumulate 10 $Shards/day. Our utility token $Shards is spent within the Mirrorverse ecosystem, and will be needed for Reflektor subscription along with future collections

      Reflektor software UI screenshot


    Have a question about Mirrorpass?

    • Does Mirror Pass still mirror other Alphas
      No, we officially ended mirroring back in June. All of our Alpha and Plays have been from within our Community!
    • How many $Shards will I earn if I stake my Mirror Pass?
      By staking a Mirror Pass, you earn 10 $Shards/Day.
    • When will Reflektor release?
      We are currently in Beta with 500+ Users. On track for an October launch!
    • How do I get access to Reflektor Beta
      We are allowing Mirror Pass holders join in waves, simply hold a Mirror Pass!