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Introducing Creatures

Creatures are failed experiments. They were created in Reflektor Labs designed to kill. However, something went wrong with the experiment… they turned out to be fun and loving. Creatures inhabit many different dimensions within the Mirrorverse. But there’s one main thing they share in common, Creatures give holders access to Reflektor!

Introducing Reflektor

Reflektor is an automated software designed for user experience and performance. We help make your experience trading, simple and efficient.

  • OpenSea Sniping / Rarity Sniping / Trait Sniping

  • Live Mint Monitor with Quicktask Support

  • Automated Minting in Bulk

  • Mass Listing

  • Bulk NFT Transfer

  • Wallet Generator

  • Disperse Funds

  • ZMOK Provided Node

& More

Introducing $Shards

$Shards are ERC-20 tokens that serve only as utility in the Mirrorverse ecosystem. Reflektor’s monthly subscription accept $Shards by burning the token each month to renew the software. You can receive $Shards by staking a Mirror Pass which earns you 10 $Shards/day or by exchanging with other holders through Uniswap or Dextools.